Win32/Qhost [Threat Name]

Detection created2005-02-03
World activity peak 2015-07-28 (23.64 %)
Short description

Win32/Qhost is a trojan that prevents access to certain web sites and reroutes traffic to certain IP addresses.

Other information

The trojan modifies the following file:

  • %system%\­drivers\­etc\­hosts

The trojan may redirect the user to the attacker's web sites.

Threat Variants with Description

Threat Variant Name Date Added Threat Type
Win32/Qhost.PEV 2012-04-17 trojan
Win32/Qhost.OLT 2011-09-02 trojan
Win32/Qhost.PDQ 2011-04-13 trojan
Win32/Qhost.PCZ 2011-03-13 trojan
Win32/Qhost.NSN 2010-02-20 trojan
Win32/Qhost.NQT 2009-12-09 trojan
Win32/Qhost.NQU 2009-12-09 trojan
Win32/Qhost.LFS 2009-03-19 trojan
Win32/Qhost.ZR 2007-11-28 trojan

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