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Win32/Mediyes.F [Threat Variant Name]

Category trojan
Size 221184 B
Aliases Trojan.Win32.Pirminay.rdg (Microsoft)
  Variant.Graftor.19514 (BitDefender)
Short description

Win32/Mediyes.F is a trojan which tries to download other malware from the Internet.


The trojan is usually a part of other malware.

The trojan does not create any copies of itself.

Information stealing

Win32/Mediyes.F is a trojan that steals sensitive information.

The trojan collects the following information:

  • network adapter information
  • operating system version
  • volume serial number
  • malware version

The trojan attempts to send gathered information to a remote machine.

Other information

The trojan contains a list of (3) IP addresses.

It tries to download several files from the addresses.

These are stored in the following locations:

  • %temp%\­fl1.tmp\­%filename%

The file is then executed.

A string with variable content is used instead of %filename% .

The ICMP protocol is used.

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