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Win32/Gatsorm.A [Threat Variant Name]

Category trojan
Size 208896 B
Aliases Trojan:Win32/Gatsorm.A (Microsoft)
  W32/Stration.gen@MM.virus (McAfee)
Short description

Win32/Gatsorm.A is a trojan which tries to download other malware from the Internet.


When executed, the trojan creates the following files:

  • %windir%\­wdmaud.drv (49152 B)
  • %appdata%\­tmp.dat (98304 B)

The trojan may create the following files:

  • %appdata%\­dmutils.nls
  • %localappdata%\­dmutils.nls
  • %appdata%\­dpnet.nls
  • %localappdata%\­dpnet.nls
  • %appdata%\­dsound.nls
  • %localappdata\­dsound.nls%
  • %appdata%\­audiosrv.nls
  • %localappdata%\­audiosrv.nls
  • %appdata%\­adsldp.nls
  • %localappdata%\­adsldp.nls
  • %appdata%\­eapolqec.nls
  • %localappdata%\­eapolqec.nls
  • %homedrive%%homepath%\­Local Settings\­Temp\­tag.tmp
Information stealing

The trojan collects the following information:

  • computer IP address
  • memory status
  • CPU information
  • operating system version

The trojan attempts to send gathered information to a remote machine.

Other information

The trojan acquires data and commands from a remote computer or the Internet.

The trojan contains a list of (11) URLs. The HTTP protocol is used.

It can execute the following operations:

  • download files from a remote computer and/or the Internet
  • run executable files
  • update itself to a newer version
  • terminate running processes
  • send gathered information

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