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Win32/Exadog.AA [Threat Variant Name]

Category trojan
Size 126976 B
Aliases Trojan.Win32.Sasfis.badd (Kaspersky)
  Trojan:Win32/Dynamer!dtc (Microsoft)
  Backdoor.Trojan (Symantec)
Short description

The trojan serves as a backdoor. It can be controlled remotely. It uses techniques common for rootkits.


When executed, the trojan copies itself into the following location:

  • c:\­windows\­csrss.exe

In order to be executed on every system start, the trojan sets the following Registry entry:

  • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\­Software\­Microsoft\­Active Setup\­Installed Components\­{2C23B1FF-D479-2554-E0A8-02A44CC8AD00}]
    • "StubPath" = "C:\­windows\­csrss.exe"

After the installation is complete, the trojan deletes the original executable file.

The trojan creates and runs a new thread with its own program code within the following processes:

  • %system%\­svchost.exe

The trojan can modify the following files:

  • %system%\­drivers\­beep.sys
Information stealing

The trojan collects the following information:

  • computer name
  • user name
  • information about the operating system and system settings
  • network adapter information
  • memory status

The trojan attempts to send gathered information to a remote machine.

Other information

The trojan interferes with the operation of some security applications to avoid detection.

The trojan acquires data and commands from a remote computer or the Internet.

The trojan contains a list of (3) URLs.

It can execute the following operations:

  • download files from a remote computer and/or the Internet
  • run executable files
  • send files to a remote computer
  • delete files
  • execute shell commands

The trojan may delete the following Registry entries:

  • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\­Software\­Microsoft\­Active Setup\­Installed Components\­{2C23B1FF-D479-2554-E0A8-02A44CC8AD00}]
    • "StubPath" = "C:\­windows\­csrss.exe"

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