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Android/Fjcon.A [Threat Variant Name]

Category trojan
Size 96880 B
Detection Android db version 3.285
Aliases Android:Fjcon-A.[Trj] (Avast)
  Android.Fjcon.origin (Dr.Web)
Short description

The trojan serves as a backdoor. It can be controlled remotely.


The trojan must be downloaded and manually installed.

Information stealing

The following information is collected:

  • IMEI number
  • IMSI number
  • ICCID number
  • telephone number
Other information

The trojan intercepts incoming SMS messages from certain numbers.

The trojan acquires data and commands from a remote computer or the Internet.

The trojan contains an URL address. The HTTP protocol is used.

It can execute the following operations:

  • send SMS

The trojan can download and install another application package files.

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