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Android/TrojanDownloader.Agent.D [Threat Variant Name]

Category trojan
Size 3705917 B
Detection created Apr 17, 2013
Detection database version 8238
Detection Android db version 3.1381
Aliases Android.DownLoader.13.origin (Dr.Web)
  Android:Kaneot-A.[Trj] (Avast)
Short description

Android/TrojanDownloader.Agent.D is a trojan which tries to download other malware from the Internet.


The trojan must be downloaded and manually installed.

Other information

The trojan contains a URL address.

It tries to download several files from the address.

These are stored in the following locations:

  • /sdcard/download/GoogleUpdates_4.0.0.1 (Android/TrojanSMS.Agent.LN)
  • /data/data/com.araapp/mydownload/GoogleUpdates_4.0.0.1 (Android/TrojanSMS.Agent.LN)

The trojan displays an update notification prompting the user to install the downloaded package.

The trojan performs no action if any of the following packages is installed on the system:

  • com.zrgiu.antivirus
  • com.antivirus
  • jp.ktinc.fastscan
  • com.brosmike.airpushdetector
  • com.airpush.optoutapp
  • pl.byq.airblocker

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